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Moody Gardens Coupon Code

Moody Gardens


I’m so excited that our whole family has been invited to visit Moody Gardens in Galveston next week! We have never been, so we are all looking forward to exploring everything there is to see. They are especially pumped about the zip line course!

I’ll be leaving the rest of the family to look around the aquarium pyramid while I get a special sneak preview of the brand new Sponge Bob SubPants Adventure with our newly turned 5 year old.

Check back here and my Smockity Facebook page for photo updates of all the fun!

If you plan on visiting Moody Gardens before June 30, 2015, use code MGBLOG06 for a discount.

Your discount includes $5 off the price of a Moody Gardens One-Day Value Pass (actual price: $59.95, discounted price: $54.95) *Please note that this discount code expires on June 30, 2015, and is limited to up to 6 one-day passes for one transaction*

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Meeting the Duggars

THSC Conference Summit Workers


Last weekend I manned a booth for The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit at the Texas Home School Coalition Convention. I had a ball with all my Summit friends, and we talked to SO MANY women who nodded in agreement when we told them there was a real need in the homeschool community for a ministry dedicated to encouraging and refreshing homeschool moms so they could go home and do the same for their families.

Those moms were so excited to hear that the Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit is exactly that! We are just a bunch of homeschool moms who want to help each other finish well the race we have started. Find out more about how and where you can attend The Homeschool Moms’ Winter Summit here.

While I was there, I was fan girling over the fact that the Duggars were just walking around chatting with people just like the rest of us homeschoolers! They were so approachable and friendly.

So naturally I chatted it up with them whenever I got the chance. My kids wanted proof of this, of course, so I had to get some selfies, right? It was for the children.

Jim Bob Duggar

Meeting Jana Duggar

Here I am with Jana,

Jinger Duggar

and Jinger. They are all so tiny!

Meeting Jessa Duggar

Here are Jessa and Ben.

Meeting Michelle Duggar


And here I am with Michelle. She is just so nice! She gave a talk with Jim Bob and they were both very honest and encouraging about how they deal with behavior issues that come up with their children, how they deal with negative comments about family size, and so much more.

It was such a fun weekend!



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