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30 Year High School Reunion – HELP ME!

Some of you know that my 30 year high school reunion is this weekend.

What you may not know is that I was sort of a dork in high school. Okay, I was a big dork in high school.

In fact, there is a story my children love to hear of when I wore pants with embroidered roller skates on the pocket that had actual laces that tied.

Yes, I thought they were super cool.

Yes, this was high school.

What?! It’s not weird!

Of course, all the popular kids had Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, but no self respecting dork would be seen following a trend. Am I right?

Well, a certain popular cheerleader took it upon herself to point out my dorky pants in the crowded cafeteria one day and then proceeded to make a spectacle of untying my roller skate laces in front of everyone! Oh! The humiliation!

(Come to think of it, why do you children like that story???)

Well, now that I’m going to my high school reunion, I am a leetle nervous about that whole Dork Legacy. So will you help a girl out? Tell me which of the following outfits I should wear to redeem my self and my roller skate pocket pants.

which reunion outfit

(Please ignore the chickens in the background.)

The event will be dinner at a smokehouse in downtown Dallas, so I’m thinking my old prom dress is out, although I think I could totally pull that off!

So, WHICH OUTFIT? Please, help me out and leave your comment below.

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Parenting Mistakes I’ve Made

Parenting Mistakes


I’ve had a few in my parenting journey.

So, what if we talk about those? What if we bring them to light so that you might avoid the mistakes I’ve made? I believe I have made enough to make this a series, so grab some popcorn, sit back, and don’t do what I did.

Thinking I Could be the Perfect Parent

I know this one seems like a no-brainer, and intellectually, I knew I couldn’t be absolutely perfect, but part of me thought if I tried hard enough and followed all the right experts, then I could pull off making no major mistakes.

I mean, sure, I figured I would occasionally make the standards. ”Oops! Sorry Sally. I called you Suzie again didn’t I?”

No, by major mistakes, I mean the type that your grown or nearly grown children still cry bitter tears over years later. The kind where you would do anything if you could turn back time and get a do-over.

If you are a new parent, still thinking you might be able to pull off perfect, like I did in those years, I am truly sorry if this news is coming as a shock to you.

You will make mistakes.

You will not be perfect.

You will be so far from perfect, you will wonder what God was thinking when he let you reproduce.

The beauty in this, for me, the only redeeming factor in screwing up so royally, is that God’s merciful grace became crystal clear. I had known before, because I had been told and I had read it, that Jesus came to save me because I couldn’t save myself. I could recite, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

But until I knew, really knew because I lived and breathed it, that no matter how hard I tried to be perfect, I was still messing everything up, and not just messing it up for me, but for little people who trusted me to do the right things for them, until that time, I didn’t really know grace.

And once I began to realize how pathetic my feeble attempts at perfect parenting were, only then could I understand what a precious gift the redeeming work of Christ is.

So, I’ll say my first mistake in my parenting journey was thinking that by being an intentional parent I wouldn’t make any big mistakes. In the coming weeks, I’ll add to this series and we’ll see if this can be a kind of Land Mine Map. A warning of sorts. A “Do It Any Way But This Way” manual.

What do you think? Is this something that would be of interest to you?

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