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How to Make Giant Bubbles

How to make Giant Bubbles


If there is ever a perfect time to learn how to make giant bubbles, spring time is it!

giant bubbles

The weather is perfect, and everyone is ready to get outdoors after months of cold rain, ice, and snow. So all the Smockities have been on a quest to find the perfect recipe and the best method to make giant bubbles.

Popping giant bubbles

Here is the recipe that we found great success with.

Giant Bubbles Recipe

  • 6 cups water
  • 1 cup light corn syrup
  • 2 cups blue Dawn dish soap

1. Mix the water and corn syrup thoroughly.

2. Add dish soap slowly, and stir, trying not to make bubbles.

giant bubbles


We experimented with the design of the bubble wand before we settled on our final model.

Emelyn with giant bubbles


Here’s how we did it.

  • 2 dowels
  • 2 pieces of string (one longer than the other)
  • washer (for weighing the lower string down)

1. Tie the ends of the short string onto the ends of the 2 dowels.

2. Thread the washer onto the long string.

3. Tie the ends of the string onto the dowel near the first string.

4. Dip string into bubble solution.

giant bubbles

In this photo, you can see the washer on the bottom string is weighing it down, so no one needs to hold it as in the above pictures.

giant bubbles

We had so much fun with these easy to make giant bubbles!

Outdoor Play Challenge


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$20 Amazon Gift Card With Premium Starter Kit

*This post contains affiliate links.

It has been eight months since we began our essential oils journey, which started with the traumatic day my 4 year old spilled a hot bowl of Ramen noodles on her shoulder, chest, and back, resulting in “deep second degree burns.”

Ramen burns 3

This picture was taken seven days after the incident, but you can see the photos I took 48 hours and then four days after at the link above. I asked both my pediatrician and the doctor at Cook Children’s Hospital if it was okay to use Young Living essential oils on her skin and they both said it certainly wouldn’t hurt.  (Amazingly, her skin now shows no signs of the burn! You can see it in this video.)

Since that week, the week I bought the Premium Starter Kit eight months ago, none of my eight children or I have been to the doctor. (My husband is still a skeptic.) This is an amazing feat for us, especially during the winter months when all kinds of things get passed back and forth at church and our homeschool co-op!

We use our oils daily around here for one thing or another, and my children even request them since they know first hand how well they work for keeping us healthy.

The Premium Starter Kit I ordered comes with 11 of the most commonly used oils, a diffuser, a roller fitment, some samples, and some educational literature about the oils.

YL Premium Starter Kit Special Offer


And since I love a good deal and I want everyone to know how amazing these oils are, I am offering a $20 Amazon gift card for a limited time to anyone who orders the Premium Starter Kit through my link. (As usual, I also send a 485 page pocket reference and add everyone to a 1600+ member private Facebook group for essential oil users. This ensures you are never without support or information on how to use your oils safely.)

Amazon gift card

If you are interested in finding out more about why Young Living is a company trustworthy enough to have been in business for over 20 years and how to order a Premium Starter Kit for yourself, go here.

If you are a blogger and would like to be part of a team who spreads the love for oils far and wide, I have lots of resources available to help you do just that. Contact me and let me know you are ready to take the Young Living plunge. I would love to work with you!

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