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My Model Horses by MaddieLynn


I have told you that I love horses, but I neglected to say that I collect them. Now that I think about it, what else would I collect? Model lizards? Anyway, if I counted right, I have 23 plus a deer that came with one.


Names, left to right: Sparkle, Wind Dancer, Fern, Trinket, Button, Dandy, Misty, Cocoa. These are Breyer [3] Mini Whinny [4] Foals [5] and are only about 1in. by 1in. You can click on any picture to see it enlarged.


Names, left to right: Falcon, Flame, her colt, Moonbeam, Redbird, her colt, Moonlight, Firefly, her colt, Spur, and friend, Flag the deer, Sand Dollar, her twin fillies Sea Star and Flicka, Goldie, her filly Sandy, and last but not least, Rosemary and her filly Quicksilver. These are all Breyers except for Goldie, Sandy, and Rosemary.


This is Clara. She is a Breyer Stablemate [8] mare. Miraculously, she is the only one who is broken but let me hasten to add that she was broken when she came to me.

I really like to collect these and would like to add to my collection at any time.
A notice to certain members of my family:

Did y'all know that my birthday is coming up? (Hint hint hint hint) :-)