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The Pigling

A picture story

When she was born, she was just a normal baby.


But one fateful day, she turned into...


A Pigling!

The people of Houseville were in constant terror. Was this enormous Pigling dangerous? Finally, they found out...


The Pigling was obviously a cannibal! But when they investigated more closely, they found out something shocking... the Pigling had only been kissing! Now all the people in Houseville are friends with the Pigling...


She will even stop on her way to the grocery store to give them dental exams.

Characteristics of the Pigling:

Squeals when angry
Loves to eat
Hiccups a lot
Is fat enough to be a sumo
Has only a few teeth

If you have a Pigling at your house with any or all of these characteristics, please leave a comment so we can learn more about these rare creatures.