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Stove Top Griddle

Posted By Smockity Frocks On March 6, 2007 @ 8:49 pm In Works For Me Wednesday | 19 Comments



My husband got me this [3]handy dandy stove top griddle a while ago. I have loved it and use it almost every day, so I just keep it right on my stove top.
It covers 2 burners and has a flat griddle side and a grill side.


I can make 8 grill cheese sandwiches or pancakes at one time on the griddle side!
The grill side is great for hot dogs. This picture doesn’t show it, but I can fit up to 2 packages of hot dogs on it. I don’t recommend grilling hamburgers, though. The clean up for that was a monster.
That’s what works for me in the kitchen. Go to Rocks in my Dryer [6]for “Works for Me Wednesday: The Kitchen Edition.”

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