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On My Amazing Juggling Abilities



Did y'all know I can juggle? My son and I are learning together. If you knew how seriously handicapped I am at all things ball-ish, you would be appropriately amazed.

I was that kid in elementary school p.e. who would shriek and shield my head if a ball approached anywhere in my general vicinity. (OK, I did that just last week while playing catch with my son.) The ball would then plop softly ten feet from me, and all the other kids would roll their eyes and make mental notes to pick me last for any subsequent team sporting events.

Do you notice, in the photo, how I have all three balls firmly under control? I didn't even let the fact that my 2 year old needed a hug at that precise moment interfere with my concentration. Or the fact that my eyes are focused at some point in space completely unrelated to juggling. (I guess I missed the "keep your eye on the ball" lessons in p.e.)

 Never mind the fact that I drop at least one ball 7 out of 10 times. (That should be taken literally and figuratively.)

Anyway, what "Works For Me" [4] this week is to use those cute little Clementine oranges for juggling practice if you can't find the juggling balls. You know, if your 15 month old has put them in the trash along with your car keys and the t.v. remote. They are just the right size, and can be eaten afterwards.
The oranges, Silly! Not the keys!

(Is it just me, or does my life seem circus like?)

See detailed, step by step, animated juggling instructions here [5].