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Sundress in a Snowstorm



I just spent the better part of one day changing out our winter clothes and putting in the summer wardrobe. This is a big job, as those of you with a larger than average family know. Since I have 6 children, there were 6 complete sets of winter clothes to fold, put in boxes, and label. Then I sorted through all of our summer clothes and laid them carefully in drawers or hung them in closets.

I was very pleased with all our hard work and excited to see bright and breezy clothes that have been stored away for half a year. The girls were so excited to see the little smocked dresses that I had made as many as 10 years ago, and they can't wait to wear what the ones who have gone before used to wear. (Poor Bubba doesn't have any hand-me-downs. He has to wear new store bought clothes! Shhh... don't tell him that most kids like those kind.)

So, what is the weather forecast for this Easter weekend, you ask? High of 30 with snow likely!

Thaaaaaat's right. Nothin' better than hunting Easter eggs in a snowstorm....wearing a sundress.