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Chopping Onions



Are you like me and you hate chopping onions? I can't help it. They make me bawl like a baby!

Whenever I need chopped onions, like I did for this hushpuppy recipe [3], I throw 2 or 3 onions into the food processor and let it do its thing. Then, I use what I need and put the excess in those little snack size ziploc bags. I smash the bags flat for easier thawing, label them, and put them in the freezer to use the next time I need chopped onions.

You people have probably been doing that all along, but I just figured it out, and it has saved me lots of tears and the time it takes to drag out the food processor, clean it, and put it away.

That's what Works for Me [4]this week. Click on the link for more tips.