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Another Contest! Win a Prize!


We finally got our dream car, a 2006 15 passenger van!!

What's that you say? It's too bad we got it the day after we returned from our extremely crowded trip half way across the country? Well, since I'm a glass half full type of gal, I'm just going to ignore that. Let's just agree not to bring it up again. Mkay?

Anyway, we need help naming it. What? You don't name your vehicles? Weird!

Our Suburban was called Big Pig. (Don't ask.) We would call out, "Everyone get in Big Pig!" and the kids would all pile in.

So, our new car is big and white, and we've been calling it "The Church Van", but my idea, which I stole from Barbara Curtis, is to call it "The BMW" for Big Mamma Wagon. The kids don't like that, though, and they think "Pretzel" (after the Margaret Rey story of the very long dachshund) is a good name.

Alrighty then.

This is where you come in. Do any of you have suggestions on what we can call our new car? This is important stuff, people. If we can't come to a consensus soon, we'll resort to calling it "The Bus", and well, that seems kind of ordinary, and if there's anything we are NOT, and I suspect you already know this, it is ordinary.

Please, leave any suggestions in the comment box, and we'll pick a winner soon. MaddieLynn has made an absolutely adorable little kid sized apron that we will send to the winner. (Click on the photo to enlarge.) Anyone can enter. Tell your friends!