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As Easy As Riding A Bike


I have taught 3 children to ride their bikes without training wheels. I learned after the first one that it is best to wait until they suggest taking the training wheels off.

There were literally blood, sweat, and tears involved, but after days of getting back up from many tumbles, each one finally caught on. I can't say that any of us enjoyed it, except for the feeling of accomplishment that came afterward. Sort of like teaching long division.

That is why I was shocked and amazed just the other day when my 5 year old, our 4th child, came running into the house pleading for me to come outside so she could show me something. When I went out, this is what I saw:

Posted by Picasa [2]
Posted by Picasa [2]

So, do you think this hands off approach could work for long division? Maybe I could wake up one day and find that with absolutely no instruction one of my children would have learned how to divide 654,781.56 by 825.4?

No? Rats.