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Improvised Bed Skirt



Maybe it's just because I'm a Wal Mart shopper and I don't buy my bedding from fine linen stores, but am I the only one who has noticed that bed skirts, or dust ruffles, as they are sometimes called, are now being made with a flimsy material on the part that is meant to be hidden between the mattress and the box springs? By flimsy I mean it will tear if you breathe on it too hard.

I have had more than one bed skirt ruined by kids climbing up on the bed. That flimsy material is about as thick as a spider web and just doesn't hold up to much at all. The coordinating skirt part tears right away from the flimsy webbing at the slightest pull.

Recently, I used an antique chenille bedspread that I got from my grandmother to replace a torn bed skirt. It is a color that coordinates with the comforter that needed a new bed skirt and the perfect size to cover the box springs and hang just to the floor.

Waa-lah, I now have a great new bed skirt. It is all one piece so no sewing was involved, and no worries about it tearing away from any webbing. Perfectly simple!

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