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Wild Plum Jam



A nice friend of ours told us that the wild plums at his ranch [3]were ripening and that we were welcome to pick as many as we could.

So we all went with buckets in hand on my husband's day off and had a good old fashioned time picking until all our arms were scratched up and our buckets were full.

When we got home, MaddieLynn weighed the booty and announced that we had ten and a half pounds of plums!

A sweet friend from church came over with her own antique utensils that she has used many times while making and canning her own fruit jams and jellies.

We boiled the plums and I strained the juice through cheesecloth and began making the jelly while MaddieLynn and The Bubba put the plums through the strainers for the jam.


After I prepared the jam, we put it and the jelly into pint and half pint jars and processed them in a hot water bath for a sterile seal.

After all was said and done, we canned 10 half pint jars and 8 pint jars! That's 6 and 1/2 quarts of jellies and jams for only the cost of the sugar, the Sure Jell, and the jars. We plan to keep some and give some as gifts. Of course, one of the first gifts will be to the owner of the ranch.

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