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My Day So Far


It is just before 9:00a.m. and this is my day so far:

Get out of the shower to find bathroom door wide open. Because privacy is overrated, really. Don't you think?

Notice just outside my bathroom door approximately 129 buttons from the button jar we use for a sorting activity.

Wonder where the button jar and the remaining 462 buttons are.

After getting dressed, go into the kitchen to find that a GALLON of milk has been poured out onto table.

Have a "discussion" with 3 yr. old concerning the pouring of milk.

Walk into the living room to find the remaining 462 buttons scattered about.

Play a fun, fun round of Button Pick-up with 1 yr. old.

Updated to add:

It is now 9:22 and we have:

A spilled (very large) bag of cereal.

A nosebleed.