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No Baby Food


[2]A couple of babies ago, I decided to investigate the real need for baby food. Since, we had spent quite a bit on those little jars through the years, I wondered how necessary this use of our money really was.

I found that manufactured baby food has only been around for about 100 years, and before that, SHOCKINGLY, babies have survived to healthy adulthood for thousands of years!

I always breastfeed my babies for at least their first year, and I talked with my doctor about my idea to skip baby food altogether and go straight to soft table food. He was hesitant to give me the go ahead, and his main concern was choking. Of course, I was watchful to make sure the baby never got too much in her mouth or anything coarse or chewy.

I breastfed very frequently, and I never spoonfed cereal or anything else to the babies. I waited until the baby showed an interest in what the rest of the family was eating at dinnertime. This happened at about 9 months for each of the 2 babies who have done this.

I would then put very small, soft pieces of potato, carrots, peas, bananas, etc. on the baby's highchair tray. She wouldn't get very much to her mouth at first, but eventually she became more skillful at picking up pieces and getting them to the right place.

I have never calculated how much this saved us in dollars and cents, but it certainly saved a lot of space in our pantry and a lot of trips to the grocery store to buy those teeny tiny baby food jars.

This has worked out beautifully for our family. We have 2 very healthy children who have never been spoonfed any type of pureed food, and we plan to continue this simple and more natural feeding plan for our next baby and any we may have in the future.

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