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Christmas Shopping Carnival



Chilihead [3]is hosting a carnival for anyone interested in sharing what gifts you will be giving this year or for those (like me) who need fresh ideas for gift giving.

I can't wait to get some new ideas for this year's list. Go ahead and click on the gift box to see what others are planning to give.

Here are some of the gifts I have either given in the past or am planning to give this year.

One year I gave this [4]calendar to the grandparents. I sent in 12 pictures of the kids, one to be displayed for each month. I tried to choose photos that were appropriate for each month, like a pumpkin patch shot for October, the kids decked out in red for February, etc. It was a big hit.

Here [5]is a book for the boys on your list. I've seen several people on my favorite blogs raving about it. I am planning on getting this for a certain ten year old boy who lives at my house. Shhhhhh... Don't tell.

Not long ago, I got this [6]cute little pill box for myself. I carry it in my purse, and I think it would make a great gift for someone.

One year, I got my mom a set of personalized stationery and coordinating address labels from this site [7].

My sister is getting one of my handy dandy oilcloth aprons [8] for a wedding gift. Who wouldn't love a new apron? And it's waterproof to boot!

What about you? Do you have any great gift suggestions? Scoot on over to Chilihead's and link up!