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Bed Rest Update


*Updated to add: The sketches are up! The winner gets to choose drawing one, drawing two or drawing three at the bottom of this post. Look at them!*

Some of you have asked how I am getting along on my bed rest, so I thought I would update you.

As you can see from my little baby ticker at the bottom of the page, I am almost 37 weeks along, which is considered full term. I started moving around a bit more a couple of days ago, and I was certain that I would immediately launch into full blown labor. (Remember, I've been 4 cm dilated for 2 weeks!) You may have noticed, though, that it hasn't happened.

I figured I needed a bit more strenuous activity, so I vacuumed, ironed 13 or 57 pairs of my husband's pants, and got the baby's cradle ready for occupancy. I'm still having semi-regular contractions. Day. And. Night. But still no baby.

Sweet Baby decided to help me ready my back muscles for labor, so she pooped in the bathtub, which I cleaned up. Katie Bug pitched in by getting Strep Throat to prepare me for...well...I don't know what, but at least we don't have Chicken Pox [2]!


I have a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon, and I expect him to examine me and state, "Good gravy, woman! One good stout sneeze and that baby will come sailing out!" I also know that I have expected to have already had this baby 5 times over by now, so we'll see. (I do NOT want to be induced, and will do almost anything to avoid it. Been there, done that, OUCH!)

In the meantime, please, amuse yourselves and us by offering your predictions as to when you think this baby will be making her debut. The person who comes the closest to the actual day and time will receive one of MaddieLynn's beautiful sketches! (I'll scan and post a few samples later. Be sure to come back to admire them.)

Here are some helpful hints to base your predictions on:

Baby #1 - 3 days past due date
Baby #2 - 19 days early
Baby #3 - 29 days early
Baby #4 - 10 days early (after 30 days of preterm labor in the hospital)
Baby #5 - 14 days early (after 31 days of preterm labor in the hospital)
Baby #6 - 15 days early (after bed rest at home)

Drawing one

Drawing two

Drawing three

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