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Any Good Can Openers Out There?



This week is the backward edition of Works For Me Wednesday. The idea is to ask for advice instead of giving it. So, I am asking for your help, readers.

We have serious can opener issues at our house. I'm not kidding. We can't seem to keep one for longer than a year without experiencing technical difficulties.

We have tried the old fashioned crank kind, but the gears always seem to get stripped after a while so they will no longer turn. We have tried the electric can openers, but something always seems to go haywire with them before very long, too.

I was so embarrassed recently when a sweet lady from church gave me a gift for our new baby. Inside the bag, along with the embroidered baby blanket she had made was a hand held CAN OPENER! That's right! She had been to our house and noticed our can opener deficiency, and decided to purchase one for us.

Can you guess what happened the first time I tried to open a can with it? It came apart in my hand! Either we have some kind of curse on us involving the use of can openers, or there is a serious shortage of quality can opening manufacturing going on.

Am I the only one who thinks that a kitchen appliance ought to last for longer than a year? You would think that some company would make a can opener that could handle the stringent requirements for opening more than, oh, I don't know.... ONE CAN!

If anyone out there has a suggestion for a can opener we can count on, please, chime in and let me know!

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