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Trip to the E.R.


My husband just took 3 yr. old KatieBug [2]to the E.R. with a blue bead lodged firmly and deeply inside her nose. All attempts at blowing it out proved futile, and it looked like she must have worked pretty hard at getting it as far back as she did.

Worried Mommy is wondering how in the world they are going to get that thing out of there without forcing it into her trachea.

I'll update as I hear more.

-------Update #1---------------

Well, shoota monkey! I wish I had read this [3]half an hour ago!

Still waiting to hear any news.

-------Update #2---------------

The bead is out and Daddy and KatieBug are on their way home!

-------Update #3---------------

Daddy reports, "That bead was HUGE!" He says KatieBug thoroughly charmed everyone in the E.R.

KatieBug reports, "I got to stay up weally late!!"