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Warming Baby’s Bed


Have you ever noticed how newborn babies love to sleep in your arms or snuggled up on your chest, but as soon as you put them in their bed, they immediately wake up? Well, wouldn't you wake up if you were nice and warm one minute and then put down on a cold mattress the next?

I even turn on my electric blanket about an hour before I go to bed so it will be nice and toasty for me when I finally crawl in. That brings me to this week's Works For Me [3] tip.

I have used this little trick on several of my babies and it has worked like a charm. I simply place a heating pad in baby's cradle to warm up the mattress where she will be laying. When it is time to put her to bed, I *remove the heating pad and she has a nice warm place to sleep.

Now, if someone will kindly send a memo to this baby, so she will follow the proper protocol, I surely would appreciate it!

*I only use the heating pad to warm the mattress. I remove it and turn it off before putting the baby down.