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Swapping Services



One way my husband has contributed to our frugality is to swap services. He is a golf pro and part of his job is to give golf lessons. He usually charges a fee, but if he sees that the client has something to offer that we may need, he will ask to swap services.

This worked marvelously when our dentist came to him for an entire series of weekly lessons. My husband inquired as to whether the dentist would be willing to trade dental exams for our children in return for the lessons. The dentist was agreeable and services were swapped. (I won't mention how much we ended up paying to get cavities filled!)

Another time, and this was pure genius on his part, my husband swapped lessons with a college girl if she would agree to clean our house!

I love that man!

Our beloved piano teacher does this as well. She swapped piano lessons for pet sitting when she was in the hospital for surgery recently.

This can work for babysitting, yard work, you name it.

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