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And Even More Candy


**Updated to link to the recipe [2].

Since we only got around a year's supply of candy on Easter, we decided to make some saltwater taffy today. Except we learned our lesson on what happens when you put blue food coloring in a pot that has yellow butter and yellow vanilla and numerous other yellow things. When you do that, it closely resembles, well, let'snot go there [3].

So this time we made the taffy red.

First, we pulled it:


Then we stretched it into long ropes:


Then we cut it, and twisted some of it:


Then we wrapped it:


And then we put it into this cute little box that Mydadmark picked up when we went to the grocery store. He couldn't resist because we also call the Pigling "the Oompa", and everything around here is Oompa tested. Including the taffy.