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Posted By Smockity Frocks On March 4, 2008 @ 10:17 pm In Works For Me Wednesday | 19 Comments


This is the backward edition of Works For Me Wednesday. The idea is to ask for advice instead of giving it.

If you are a regular reader, you may have noticed that I have been changing things up around here and then changing them back. And then shuffling them around until I decide I should change them again.

Annoying? I think so.

That’s where you come in. Tell me. What do you find appealing in a blog’s design? What do you find annoying in a blog’s design?

I’m not talking about content, because around here the content will pretty much be limited to babies in a bag [9]and hush puppy recipes [10], and it doesn’t matter how annoying that may be.

Because that’s all I’ve got, friends.

I’m talking about design. As in the look of the site. I have noticed that a lot of the big name blogs have a white space for the printed word, which is black text. Does that make a blog easier to read? Is it less distracting than a color background for the text?

I know, for me personally, if I click onto a blog that has lots of things scrolling and flashing and rowdy music playing, I find it overwhelming. Another thing I don’t like is when a blog takes FOR. EV. ER. to load.

Tell me what you think and then go to Rocks in my Dryer [11]to tell lots of other people what you think!


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