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Putting Shoes on the Right Feet


In this [2]post I mentioned finding a way for little ones to tell if their shoes are on the right feet. This is that story.

I can remember being very young and my mother trying to show me how to tell if my shoes were on the right feet. She was pointing to the toes and saying, "See how they are shaped? See that this part fits on your big toe?"

I wanted to see it and understand, and I could tell that she wanted me to see it and understand, but I remember that both shoes looked exactly the same to me. I couldn't see that one side of the toe section looked any different than the other side.

I have tried numerous ways to teach my children how to tell if their shoes are on the right feet. I have put an "R" and an "L" inside, but that only works if they know which is right and which is left. I have told them that the buckles shouldn't touch, but that only works if the shoes have buckles.

Then, I saw this [3]and thought it was brilliant! I don't know why I hadn't thought of it before! You KNOW I know a good idea when I steal one!

By the way, my carpet is usually perfectly clean, but I placed that leaf by the shoes intentionally to symbolize my flawed and human state so we would feel a special connection with one another. I'm all considerate like that.