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A Snapshot of My Life


Have you always wondered what it is like to have seven children, but you don't have that many on hand?

Easy! Just follow these steps to simulate a few moments in the life of a mom of seven.

  1. Go into the bathroom and close the door. Have someone bang on the door after exactly 13 seconds saying, "MOMMMMMMY! I colored a rainbow. SEEEEEE?!?!" Have the person make lots of noise shoving the rainbow picture under the door.
  2. Arrange for your home phone to ring during this time and have someone answer it and shout, "MOMMMMMMY! It's a lady from the bank! Do you want me to tell her you're on the POTTY?!" Make sure the phone receiver is not covered so the "lady from the bank" can clearly hear.
  3. Next, have someone on the other side of the door ask if you will braid her hair. She has the rubber bands.
  4. Cue barking dogs.
  5. Have 3 or 4 participants hoot and holler outside the door and shout things like, "WOOHOO! Look how high I can bounce on Mommy's bed!" and "WHEEEEEEE! I can go higher than you!"
  6. Then, arrange for a loud THUD! to sound outside the door followed by loud wailing and someone saying self righteously, "That's what you get for jumping on the bed!"
  7. Have someone shout, "Are you fixing lunch, Mommy? What are we having for lunch?"
  8. Cue crying baby. Have someone inform you the baby is crying.
  9. To make it purely authentic, have someone try the doorknob every few seconds while chanting, "Mommy, the door is locked," to the tune of "Ding, dong, the witch is dead".