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To Bang or Not To Bang


Okay, friends. I need your advice. I can never decide if it is better for my girls to have bangs or no bangs. Anyone with girls knows the decision is a big one because as soon as the bangs are cut, there is no going back. Well, at least no going back for a long couple of months of constantly seeing your child with hair in her face.

As for my own hair, it's a no brainer. My mama always told me as a child that my forehead NEEDED bangs. I never really knew what she meant until well into my adult years when I decided that I would go for the long hair/no bangs/glamorous look.

The first day I had my bangs pulled back and walked into the elementary school where I taught, the principal, who was a grandfatherly type, said, and this is a direct quote that will forever be seared into my memory, "I have never seen that much forehead on any one person in my life!"

Needless to say, I went straight to the teacher's lounge and tried my best to plaster those babies down over the vastness that is my forehead and that forehead has not seen the light of day since.

But that is not the point here.

The point is that the last time I gave my 8 year old bangs after she begged me for them, the next week she decided she would rather not have bangs. That was about a year ago and her bangs are finally to the point that they are not constantly hanging in her face.

So. Now she wants bangs again.

She does have a pretty good reason this time, though. She has a birthmark on her forehead that is fairly noticeable. She often remarks that it is her "angel kiss", and it has never bothered her.

Until now. She has been getting quite a few questions lately along the lines of, "What happened to your head?" "What is on your forehead?" "Did you bump your head?" Strangely, these comments usually come from adults who I think should know better than to make a child feel self conscious about a birthmark, but I guess they really don't realize what it is.

The point is, now suddenly my daughter wants her birthmark covered up, but she really doesn't like having bangs. She took a poll of family members to help her decide if she should get bangs. Now, she would like to know what the world wide web thinks.

Here she is with bangs.


And without.


What do you think?

To Bang or Not To Bang?
No bangs
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