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Quotes from a 2 year old


Here are some recent quotes from the 2 year old.

We were teaching her this little song:

God made the big round sun (make a circle over head with arms),
God made the tall, tall trees (wave arms over head),
God made the birds that fly (flap arms around),
And God made ME!

She didn't quite get it though...

A few minutes later I overheard her singing this:

"God made me the big round sun,
God made the big round sun be me,
The big round sun is meee-eee-eee,
The big round sun is ME!!!"

While she was singing this, she was coloring a picture, which she showed to Mymomconnie, saying, "Look at my dinner-bread house!"

A few days ago, when Mymomconnie told her to go to her bed, she defiantly said, "No!"

That is, until Mymomconnie took a step toward her, and then she said, "I'm going to bed, Mommy, I'm GOING!"

Several months ago, when she was being taken out of church (during a prayer, too!), she cried until she got to the door, when she said, "DON'T FANK ME!!!"