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In Which My Half-Heimers Flares Up Again


Do you ever commit several goof ups in a row and think, "Where is my brain when I need it?" That is what is happening to me this week!

Monday, I took the dogs to the groomers to drop them off for their 10:00 appointment, and just as I was about to back out of the parking lot, the groomer comes running out to the van.

"We have you down for 10:00 on Tuesday," she says. "Wha... Huh... Tuesday? What's today?" I very eloquently responded.

She convinced me I had come on the wrong day and I took the dogs back home in the same hairish state they were in before. When I looked at my calendar, sure as shootin' there it was! "Groomers, 10:00, Tuesday"

So today, I took them at 10:00, and I actually got to leave them this time since it was the right day and all. After that, I drove by our piano teacher's house to drop the girls off, but she came trotting out to the van just as I was about to back away.

"I thought we had agreed to change their lessons to tomorrow," she said. "Wha... Huh... Wednesday? What's today?" I said. (Do you see a pattern here?)

Sure enough, there it was on the calendar written in fine point Sharpie. "Piano, 10:15, Wednesday"

So, I gave myself a good talkin' to about how there are these things called "days of the week" and they are consistent and regular in their occurrence and how about paying attention to some things in addition to that, and we went to pick up the dogs.

I actually made it there without forgetting my own name, too.

On the way home I stopped to buy milk. Since it's on sale for $2.99 I got 6 gallons. MaddieLynn made the comment that the organic milk was $6.49. "Who would pay that much for a gallon of milk?" she asked. "Not us! That's for sure!" I confidently boasted.


You can imagine the sigh I let out when we got home and found that one of the milks that made its way into our buggy was the expensive organic kind!

Dear Brain,

I miss you very much. Please, come home soon.