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Delicious Potato Salad


**Correction added, thanks AGAIN(!) to Laurie, Jennifer's mom! See comments for details.

We attended a fun birthday party over the weekend where we were served barbecued brisket and potato salad.

I'm sure there was other food there, but I have no recollection of it, because the brisket and potato salad are the foods that continue to haunt me in my dreams. Mmmmmmm... they were melt in your mouth good.

I managed to get the recipe for the potato salad, which was made by the birthday girl's grandmother. (She also admitted to me that she is one of my loyal blog stalkers. ~waving~ Hi, Jennifer's mom!)

I have to say that, since I am a fan of mustard potato salad, I was highly suspicious when I saw that this potato salad looked like it didn't have a smidge of mustard in it.

And I was right. And I was prepared not to like it a bit. And I was wrong.

This potato salad was like eating a creamy, crunchy, warm baked potato that was loaded with all the good stuff.

Here are the ingredients:

red potatoes
bacon bits
green onions
ranch dressing

That's it! Just boil bake the potatoes, cut them up, and add the other ingredients to taste. Serve warm.

Go ahead and give it a try. The smoky flavor of the bacon bits and the familiar creaminess of the ranch dressing will remind you why you love loaded up baked potatoes.

And then you'll thank me.

And then I'll thank Jennifer's mom.

(Thanks, Jennifer's mom!)