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Discounts on Hotel Stays



My husband has to travel to out of town golf tournaments several times each year.

He has used Expedia [3]to get discounts on hotel stays in the past, but this time he tried Hotwire.com and the difference was substantial.

He was looking for a 3 star hotel (out of 5 stars) in a major metropolitan area within 10 miles of the golf course. All of the hotels were listing for over $100 per night with Expedia, so he tried the same search with Hotwire [4].

One came up for $59/night, but the name for the hotel would not be given until he confirmed the reservation. (I'm not sure why this is the procedure with Hotwire.) He wondered what he would be getting for that price, but went ahead and reserved it.

After he confirmed the reservation, he was notified that he would be staying at the Hyatt [5]! (Notice the regular rates start at $180!)

He took my son for a special Smockity Men's Weekend and they had a ball staying in a swanky hotel and eating bologna sandwiches, all on the cheap!

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