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On Ring Tail Tooters


We have a couple of Ring Tail Tooters in our family.

You know, Live Wires.



I think they make drugs for these types of children, but being that we like living on the wild side, we do not partake.

If someone informed me that one of my children had been swinging from the chandelier in the auditorium at church and had knocked the podium into the baptistry and I would be responsible for the damages, I bet I could name that offspring in 2 guesses.

The thing is, we own up to our Ring Tail Tooters. We embrace them. And always fully investigate any reports about them.

Don't get me wrong, we certainly don't want our Ring Tail Tooters destroying property or generally annoying others. We administer discipline as called for, make apologies and restitution, and provide plenty of opportunities to practice self control.

It's just that we normally don't doubt when we hear that one of them has done something that is a recognized behavior of the ring tail species.

That is why I am baffled when I run upon a parent of another Ring Tail Tooter who is in complete denial about the species of child she birthed.

Like last night.

One of my children had an adversarial encounter which ended in blood and tears. (Most likely there was sweat, too.) The other child in the encounter is a well known Ring Tail Tooter. As in, the name of this child brings knowing nods and tales of property damage.

But, when I approached the parent about it, she immediately came to his defense and questioned the accuracy of my account.

Then, she suggested that my child just doesn't play well with others.

Excuse me? WHAT?! My child doesn't normally come away bloody from playing. (Her child came away unscathed.)

I really don't understand this attitude at all. I wonder how anyone can be so deluded about the true nature of her child.

I also wonder how a parent thinks she is doing any favors for her child by denying any wrong doing. Wouldn't it be a perfect opportunity to talk to a child about self control and apologizing when appropriate?

I suspect this is how children like Ben [2]are brought up.

So, what do you think? How do you approach a parent who is in denial about a child's bad behavior?