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Piccolina Turns 7!

Posted By Smockity Frocks On September 24, 2008 @ 9:07 pm In Family | 3 Comments


We interrupt the regularly scheduled blog break and intrastate move of the Smockity Bunch to celebrate a birthday.

Our Piccolina [3]has turned seven years old!

I tried to talk her siblings into giving her small, easy to pack gifts like postage stamps or toilet paper, but they refused, those rebellious waifs!

The birthday girl, herself, agreed to wait until the move is completed to spend the birthday money she got from grandparents, so I comfort myself with the thought of a few less trinkets to pack up.

In following with Smockity tradition, she picked out the birthday cake she wanted and we set to work getting it done.

Instead of a single cake, she picked out these “party bags” from the book, 50 Easy Party Cakes [4], my mom gave us.

I won’t be posting a picture of the actual bags we made, so you’ll just have to trust that our bags looked amazingly identical to the ones in this photo.

(Click to enlarge.)
That’s right! Our bears were all perfectly uniform in size and were not at all the color of anemic sand. They also did not in any way resemble tan pigs.

Everyone had a lot of fun creating these bags and they especially enjoyed getting to eat them! In addition to the bears made of fondant, each bag held gummy bears and a Tootsie Pop.

Now, it’s back to packing for me. Plus another(!) garage sale to plan and a birthday party to attend just because I like to keep things hoppin’ around here.

For those of you who can not contain yourselves from pestering me with all manner of “When are you going to post something?” and “Why don’t you post something?” (Mr. Smockity and Grammy, this means YOU!), I’ll try to update a couple more times before we move and then again as soon as we have internet service in the new house.

See you then!


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