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Facebook and Random Thoughts


Have y'all caught on to Facebook yet?

I used to think it was only a forum for teenage girls to plan to beat each other to a pulp, but it is so much more than that!

My friend, Michele, pestered me to join for over a year, so I finally did, because if there is anything I insist upon, it is promptness.

To my delight, almost as soon as I joined, one of my best friends from high school found me! She was one of the bride's maids in my wedding and joined the Army shortly after. We lost contact even though I tried several times to find her over the last 22 years.

I was overjoyed to catch up on her life (she is a grandmother!) and we communicate frequently now through Facebook.

You should try it! You can even leave wacky messages on your blogging buddies' "wall".

In otherly random news, my husband and I managed to be seated 6 children apart during Sunday morning worship, but we caught each other's eyes when we witnessed my son tenderly tying his 4 year old sister's sash that had come undone on the back of her dress.

He didn't even tie it to the leg of the chair either.

In that instant, I purposed not to pull over at the local elementary school the next time I pass by and ask him to check the air pressure in the tires and then peel out and hope the school officials there could do something about teaching him long division without the crying and the whining and the pleading (and that's just me).

Not that I have ever thought of doing that before. I'm just sayin'.