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Potty Training in a Large Family


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We are in the process of potty training our sixth child here in Smockityville.

One of the challenges of potty training a little one while having a houseful of other children is that there is always something to distract me from reminding the little one to go potty before she has an accident.

I usually like to have the little one try to potty once an hour and that seems to keep her dry and clean all day. However, if I get busy nursing the baby, then putting a load of laundry in, then defrosting the ground beef, then helping with converting fractions to decimals, before I know it, more than an hour, sometimes MUCH more has gone by and the little one has had an accident.

One of the beauties of having a houseful of other children, though, is that they can be recruited to help with the potty training!

I keep a jar full of Skittles on my kitchen counter and I offer one Skittle to the little one when she performs the proper function in the proper place and one Skittle to anyone who witnessed that act and helped her remember to wipe, flush, and wash.

It is amazing how the children come alive with the intense desire to help when candy is up for grabs.

Since the key to successful potty training is frequency, this method works great because the children frequently like to usher her to the candy, er, I mean the potty.

Run out of Skittles, though, and all bets are off.

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