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Gingerbread House Party


There is some debate as to how long we have been having the Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Party [2], which has now evolved into the Annual Gingerbread House Throw Down, but most agree that 10 years is about right.

This year I was burning LOTS of candles in the hours preceding our guests' arrival because yesterday, about dinner time, I looked out my front door and saw this.


So, of course, we had a fish fry [4]last night. What can I say? We are rednecks and we catch our food.

Thankfully, the guests didn't notice any residual smell, or at least no one said, "Hey! Thanks for the invite, and by the way, your house smells like Long John Silver's."

Here is how we started out the party.


Here are the little designers hard at work.


The little ones sat at the preschool table.


Here are some close up shots.


Here is the finished product.


Everyone worked for about an hour and a half, and three moms judged each house on originality, attention to detail, landscaping, and overall appearance. We had two age groups and first, second, and third place winners in each, with a grand champion overall winner.

I'm not sure I will award places next year, as some of the non-winners were disappointed. Everyone did, however, get a certificate of achievement to take home.

All in all, we had another grand time with a tried and true Smockity tradition.