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A Reading Lesson


I have mentioned before that we use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons [2].

We have had success using it with four children so far.

The thing is, some days it isn't so "easy" depending on whether the child is experiencing short term memory loss that day.

Remember Dory in Finding Nemo? How she would forget she knew the person she was talking to before the end of the conversation?

Some days that's how things go with our reading lessons. Here is a sampling:

Child: (Reading "Dan ran and ran and ran.") "Daaaaaaaan... raaaaaan... aaaaaaaaand... raaaaaan... aaaaaand... went."

Mom: "No, it's not 'went'. Look at the sounds."

Child: "Daaaaan... raaaaan... aaaaaand... raaaaaaan... aaaaannnnd......." (Looks to Mom for the answer.)

Mom: "You just read it two times. What do the sounds tell you to say?"

Child: (Guessing) "Dan?"

Mom: (Trying not to sigh) "No. Do you see a "d" in that word?"

Child: "What word?"

Mom: "The. Word. You. Are. On."

Child: "On? Dan ran on?"

Mom: (Closing eyes for a very prolonged blink) "No! You are guessing. You don't guess when you read. You look at the sounds. What do the sounds say?"

Child: "and?"

Mom: "No. Point to the word and sound it out."

Child: (whining) "You made me lose my place. Can we start over?"

(Mom's head explodes and her eyeballs roll under the kitchen table, thus concluding the reading lesson.)