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Music and Me


I quit going to story time at the library a few years ago because while the librarian would be reading the story, and shushing noisy children, the parents WOULD NOT STOP TALKING! The would stand at the back of the room telling their tales of bargains on baby socks or everlasting ear infections and completely ignore the librarian telling their children, "If you are not quiet everyone won't be able to hear."

It always drives me nuts to try to listen to something when there is competing noise around me. If we are watching a movie or television show and someone needs to tell me something, I pause the movie or mute the show so I can listen to one thing at a time.

It is because of this preference that I rarely have music playing in our home or car. I like music. I really do, but I like to fully listen to it, not merely hear it as a background noise.

We have CDs of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, as well as poems of Robert Louis Stevenson set to music, and some others, but I only like to have them playing if no one is talking, and since that happens next to never, I just don't have them playing often at all.

There are times that I realize our family is missing out on something important, namely music appreciation, but I simply can not tolerate trying to listen to a beautiful piece by Mozart AND listen to my four year old tell me about the dream she had last night while the seven year old is waiting her turn to tell me what she wants for her next birthday and the three year old is singing her own special version of "Jesus Loves Me".


I guess I could play a CD every day at nap time, but the children like to read, and I feel like, once again, the music would be background noise, and it deserves to be so much more than that.

So, how do you handle music in your home? Are you the type that has it going all day long as you talk and laugh and work? If so, HOW DOES IT NOT DRIVE YOU CRAZY?! Or do you have a special time carved out for listening in silence? (This would be more my style, but I don't happen to have extra minutes of the day just lying around the house.)

Any suggestions?