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My Amazon Link


My mom called today to chat and she mentioned that she was excited to get two packages in the mail that she had ordered from Amazon.

I mentioned that I was sure she ordered them using my handy dandy Amazon search box, because I get a few cents from every order that goes through there, and who's your favorite, huh? Huh? Right, Mom? Right? You did order from the box, didn't you?

I believe her reply was something along the lines of "Well... I... you... wha...er... HUH?"

So, I told her that every order that is placed through my little box gives me a some pocket change, and she had NO IDEA! She orders quite a bit from Amazon and said she'd be delighted to use my box from now on since she will be placing orders anyway. That way, we can both benefit.

I'm mentioning it here because I thought if my own mother (and biggest fan) didn't know, then maybe y'all didn't know either.

By all means, I DON'T want anyone to order anything you weren't already going to buy anyway, because we've all got to be saving our pennies now that we're going to be doling them out to the banks and the auto makers. (Bless their hearts.)

But, if you are going to be buying something online anyway, I would surely appreciate it if you'd use my little box. (It lives on the left side down there under the "Recent Comments" section.)

And thanks a whole big bunch to those of you who already have!