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Teaching Long Division



Long division is one of my least favorite things to teach, but as I tell my children, "It doesn't have to be fun, it just has to be done."

So, I charge ahead every couple of years showing one of my fresh faced offspring the maze of steps.

One of the difficulties for them is remembering what step to do next.

Here is a handy little rhyme to remind them of the order:

Daddy, Mother, Sister, Brother

I point out that the beginning letters will remind them to
1)Divide 2)Multiply 3)Subtract 4)Bring Down

For example:

Let's start with this simple problem.



Since "Daddy" comes first, we divide first.


Next comes "Mother", so we multiply.



"Sister" means we subtract.







Last comes "Brother", so we bring down and start the process again.




If that helps just one other person get through the grueling process of teaching long division, then it was worth every head banging, hair pulling, tear inducing minute.

Not really, but I'm glad to help anyway.

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