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Why So Many Children: Part 4


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When I read The Way Home [6] and A Full Quiver [7], I saw that there are many places in scripture where God calls children "blessings" or "gifts".

From Him!

The Creator of the Universe gives us gifts in the form of babies!

When I thought of it that way, I wondered what I would do if someone decided to give me a million dollars.

A million dollars would be wonderful to have! It would put an end to the stress our family faces when we don't quite make ends meet.

Then again, if I had a million dollars, I would need to make decisions about how to spend it, and that would be a stress in itself.

Would I be selfish and keep it all for myself? Would I help the needy? Which needy? How much would I give? Would I buy extravagant gifts for relatives? Would I leave any relatives off my "gift" list? Would I only help people I knew? Or strangers in foreign lands?

What if I grew to adore the money and I made it my idol?

In short, any blessing comes with responsibilities and sometimes even burdens. Does that make the original gift any less a blessing?

I realized that I, like so many people, saw children as blessings to a point. As long as they weren't too noisy or messy or needy, then yes, I could see that they were blessings.

What I realized after reading those books and searching the scriptures was that God has little gifts for me that He created in His own image that are meant to bless me, even though I, short sighted as I am, might view them as difficult at times.

Sure, there are responsibilities that come with the gifts, but I want to accept those blessings and do my best to have them glorify God.

Just as I would with a million dollar gift, I want to be thankful to the giver, when the gift causes me stress or gives me joy. I want to be diligent to use the gift toward His purposes, not just my own.

My husband and I also examined ourselves and the scriptures about how we believe God cares for us. Does God really know what we need and provide for all of those needs? Do we really trust that God is capable of doing that?

It was a leap of faith on our part to finally say, "Yes. We believe God will supply all of our needs." It hasn't always come easy to have that faith, either. There have been times when we have had steep medical bills that were not covered by insurance. There have been difficult pregnancies with months at a time spent in the hospital.

But one thing has remained constant. God has sustained us.

We have been blessed beyond measure, and through those blessings, we have grown in our faith, in our perseverance through difficulties, and in our commitment to honor God with the blessings he has given us.