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Family Game Night


[2]We have recently begun the habit of holding Family Game Night.

(Thanks to all of you who gave me great ideas for family games suitable for all ages [3].)

Everyone gets popcorn with a handful of M&M's and sweet tea or Kool Aid to drink, which is a real treat since the kids usually are only offered milk or water.

I put all the games on the table and everyone's name in a hat. One name is drawn and that person gets to choose the first game. We play until there is a winner and another name is drawn. This kept even the little ones engaged since they were anticipating their turn to choose a game.

I bought a couple of new games and so far Pictureka [5] is our favorite! It is a super fun game with a "Find Waldo" type game board. Cards are drawn to tell the players what pictures to find before the timer runs out. Sometimes everyone plays at once and sometimes only one player at a time, depending on the card drawn.

This one is great for all ages and any number of players!

We also really enjoyed Jenga. Again, everyone from the three year old up was able to play this game.

We had fun with Uno [6] and Apples to Apples [7], too, and are all looking forward to enjoying Game Night every week, Lord willing.