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I’m Being Followed


Have y'all noticed the "Following" feature down there on my lower right sidebar? It shows cute little pictures of the people who are "following" me.

The disturbing thing about it, and I'm not saying that tiny 75x75 pixel photos of perfect strangers who "follow" give me night terrors ... or anything, is that one day there will be 27 followers and the next there will be 26, then 27 again, and then 26.

Not that I compulsively check it ... or anything.

Do you realize what this means?


I ask you, what have I done to deserve this? I cook and I clean. I pick up countless wet towels and dirty socks and used cups and what do I get for my trouble?

Oh, wait. That's a different topic altogether.

But, seriously. Is it the whole Dora thing [2]? Because I can change. Really, I can. I can learn to love abnormally large headed girls who talk to backpacks if you'll just give me another chance. We can work this out. Honest.

Now, you just go right back to following me and we'll forget this whole thing ever happened, 'kay?

There, now doesn't that feel better? You don't let anyone tell you that following a crazy lady with seven kids is creepy, you hear me? You go right on ahead and follow whoever you want.

And for Pete's sake, don't UNfollow again! The crazy lady [3] can't take it!