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Family "Fun"


Our nine year old has gone out of town on a golf trip with Daddy. She has been waiting a lifetime for this trip.

You see, when my husband goes on a golf trip, he tries to take one of the kids with him. He decided a while back that nine is the age each child must reach before they are able to accompany him. They must sit quietly in the golf cart while he hits each shot and endure the entire eighteen holes without complaining.

We were remembering yesterday how the nine year old used to say, "Daddy, only four more years until I'm old enough to go with you on a golf trip!"

So, you can imagine how excited she has been since she turned nine. She has kept a calendar of days, and each day has announced, "Only 54 days until my golf trip with Daddy!"

Finally, the day came, and they left for the trip yesterday.


I figured I would cook up some fun for the rest of the kids so we wouldn't miss them so much, and since it was a warm night and we had promised the kids this special treat, I decided it was a good time to let them sleep on the trampoline.

The big kids opted out, those chickens, so it was just the three little girls, minus the baby, and me.


I'm not sure where my mind was when I decided that because I know the nine year old is going to want a "make up" trampoline night and I am definitely NOT in the market for another one in the next twenty or so years.

Here is why:

You may not be aware of this, but a trampoline is bouncy and flouncy, and that doesn't go hand in hand with "restful night of sleep". Let's just say whenever one of us rolled over, we all rolled over - into a big heap in the center of the trampoline.

I had to get up, crawl on my hands and knees to the side, unzip the enclosure, climb down, and go inside no less than four times. Again, not restful.

Barking dogs. Restful? Why, no, no it isn't. Thanks for asking.

The sweet little birds, I think there were 57 of them, decided they needn't wait for the sunrise to tweet their little hearts out for the better part of two hours until they apparently felt they had roused the sun from it's slumber. The opposite of rest inducing.

The three year old got up with 17 mosquito bites on her face and we have VBS tonight! I'm preparing my "No, it's not the monkey pox" speech now.

I'm pretty sure an east African tsetse fly embedded itself in my eardrum and laid eggs in there. Would you be able to rest through that?