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Patriotic Thoughts


Will you still be my friend if I tell you that the Fourth of July is not one of my favorite holidays?

I LOVE what it stands for. I LOVE the history and the music and the food and the parades and the festivities. I just think it would be ever so much more comfortable if it were held in October. You just cannot get much hotter than asphalt in July deep in the heart of Texas.

Secondly, the main attraction begins at approximately dark thirty, and if you have kids who wake up at early thirty and begin asking "How much longer until the fireworks?" at early thirty-four, it makes for a mighty long day. And by mighty long I mean that I am contemplating altering our calendar next year so that June has 35 days and no one is the wiser when July 4th sneaks right by.

So. In summation, I would appreciate if the Fourth of July would henceforth be held in October. At 3:30 or as soon as nap time is over.

Thank you and good night.