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Quick One Skillet Dinner


When we visited Silver Dollar City [4] a couple of years ago, we saw a guy in a hillbilly outfit cooking up something like this at one of those vendor carts and selling it for about $10 a plate.

I came home and determined to make something like it and the kids labeled it "Fall Fry". They love it and request it often.

It is super simple to make and requires only one skillet, which is the makings of a winning recipe in my book.

Here are the ingredients. (Pretend there are potatoes in this picture.) I also used green bell peppers this time, but prefer it without.

[5]Chop the onion and slice the sausages into round pieces. Saute them together in a large skillet until the onions are tender. I also added some bacon grease because I'm all about the health food. I guess you could leave it out if you have something against flavorful, fatty goodness.

Chop the potatoes and pitch them in the skillet with just enough water to cover everything. Top with a lid and boil until the potatoes are mushy, about 15 minutes. Add a can of whole kernel corn and simmer until warmed.

The potatoes will absorb all the water and get nice and mushy. Season with salt and pepper and enjoy.