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She Works Hard For the Money


Our nine year old [3] has been wanting a Very Expensive Doll for quite a while. She actually has one that was given to her as a gift, but, even though she likes it and plays with it, it isn't the exact one she longs for.

After much thought and with our permission, she is planning to use the money she has earned from working for my husband [4].

She has exactly $100, but we went to the website of the Very Expensive Doll and showed her that with the tax and shipping included, she did not yet have enough money.

Since she is no longer working for Daddy (new job doesn't accommodate child labor), she was very disappointed, so much so that I was tempted to give in and go ahead and make up the difference. Before I could suggest that, though, she had the idea to earn the extra money by cleaning my bedroom and bathroom (including the toilet) each day.

She makes the bed, vacuums, picks up stuff (of which there is plenty, since my bedroom seems to be The Gathering Place), sweeps the bathroom, tidies the counters, and cleans the toilet. For being diligent in doing that each day, we agreed to pay her $3/week.

She has figured that she will have enough to order the doll in three weeks.

Once or twice she has asked if we couldn't just go ahead and order the doll and she could pay us back, and once or twice I have been tempted to say yes, but have thought better of it when I consider the lesson she is learning in perseverance and patience.

Today was her first pay day and she is very excited to see that she is slowly working her way to the goal.