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What's the big deal about Young Living

Free Swag Bucks and The Tightwad Gazette

Deputy Headmistress is giving away The Tightwad Gazette to one of her readers and I REALLY hope it’s (oh, please, please, please let it be) me.

And speaking of free stuff, have you signed up for Swag Bucks yet? I know I keep talking about it, but it’s because IT ROCKS!

I just last week placed an Amazon order for a little over $95 and do you know how much I paid with my credit card? $3.27!

And do you know why I only paid $3.27? Because I used my Swag Bucks to buy Amazon gift cards and used those to pay for $95 worth of books.

That dear friends comes to $95 worth of FREE BOOKS!

Search & Win

If you haven’t signed up yet, do so today! If you use the code, “smockitycode”, (case sensitive) you will receive 5 free Swag Bucks right out of the gate! (Offer expires 9/10/09.)

Swag Bucks is also running a promotion, this month only, and will be giving away a Swag Buck every single day to anyone who downloads their tool bar.

Hurry, though. It is only for this month.

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  1. How long did it take you to get that much? I can't remember when I started using swagbucks, but I've gotten $10 from Amazon. I don't go out of my way to do anything extra though.

  2. Smockity Frocks says:

    I installed the tool bar, so I automatically use it whenever I search. (maybe 3-5 times/day?)

    I get a lot of bucks from the people who have signed up through me. Every time they get a buck, I get one too.

  3. Hoosier Homemade says:

    Seems like I've been "swaggin" for a long time and still only have 150 bucks. I think I need to do the referral thing.

  4. Paula @ Organizing Tips For Moms says:

    Awesome! I'm signed up but forget about it. I tend to not shop online a lot but I do for Christmas! I have to rememaber Swag Bucks.

  5. My WFMW tip today is about Swag Bucks, too! I am trying to get myself to do some of the other things, besides searches, so I can earn more SB and use them for Christmas gifts.

  6. Adriennealine says:

    Hey, I tried the swag code, but it didn't work :(

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