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Girls Night Out Pictures


We had a marvelous time during our "Girls Night Out [2]", but before I show you the pictures, you must promise me that you will not covet.

That is, you will not covet the quality of my point and shoot camera nor the stunning beauty of my phalanges.

Promise? Okay, then. Here are the photos.


This blurry beauty documents our departure. You can't tell from this photo, but I am bucking the post Labor Day fashion rules and wearing my white jeans [4] here. You'll just have to trust that my legs appear long and lean and the crisply starched jeans never looked whiter.

Our first stop was the mall in the big city, which was the location of the candy shop. While we were roaming around, a man in one of those little stands in the center stopped me to offer me some colorful little rectangular bits of things on a silver plate.

Naturally, I took one politely and routed it straight toward my mouth. Fortunately, he yelled out, "NO! IT'S SOAP!" right before it went down the hatch, so a near intestinal upset was averted by mere seconds.

The nice young man then persuaded me to try out his product which was for nails and cuticles. Since I had just nearly eaten his free soap sample, I figured the least I could do was listen to his sales pitch.

As he buffed and lotioned and polished, he chatted and asked about my family. When I told him I had seven children, his jaw dropped and he exclaimed that I didn't look a day over 45.

Which is nice since I'm only FORTY-THREE!

Anyway, when he was all done, he unveiled my new nail.

I know! Now, please, this is where I really need you not to covet my fingernails.

Can you tell which one he worked on? It is the third one. Ring man. See how it looks exactly like the others? Exactly as it looked when I walked into the mall? Like I don't have time to care for them because of the excessive hiney wiping and vegetable chopping and cursive teaching?


That's why I didn't spend the low, low price of $59.95 for the nail kit.

Well, that and the whole I don't have time to care for my nails scenario from above.

Moving on, we left the mall and made our way to the restaurant. About the time we pulled into the parking lot the sky let loose with a gulley washer that lasted a full 20 minutes.

Which would explain why we are both soaking wet here.


We didn't let the dampness of our hairdos dampen our spirits, though. We both ordered a delicious dinner and enjoyed being able to eat it without wiping up any spilled milk or warning anyone not to lean back in their chair. I didn't even have to cut up MaddieLynn's dinner or wipe her face!


Next was MaddieLynn's favorite part. We made our way to a large pet store where I got to hear about the breeding and eating habits of approximately 29,000 types of fish. That girl has done some research!

Here she is with her latest interest, a Russian tortoise. That is a $100 reptile in her hands, in case you didn't recognize it. She knows everything there is to know about these critters and hopes to raise some one day.

I had a wonderful time with my daughter and friend and can't wait to do it again!


*Post script: I spent a ridiculous amount of time arranging these photos in chronological order before I realized that none of you would be any the wiser if they weren't in the correct order. Just like in those meerkat shows on the nature channel where you have to wonder if they just took thousands of hours of random footage of the little rascals and then wove together a complicated story of life and death? But you, dear readers, can rest assured in the knowledge that Smockity has documented the real time adventures of Girl and Mom.