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Vacation Report


Thank you all for entertaining my guest posters while I was gone!

We are back safe and sound from a very relaxing week of vacation.

Here is the whole gang as we arrived at our cabin. Look, no one is muddy yet!

Even though the Smockity Bunch has a propensity to awaken at Crack o' Dawn Thirty and run outside to play, I never had to say, "Shhhhh! You'll disturb the neighbors!" Okay, I said it once for good measure, but do you know why I didn't have to say it?

As you can see in these photos, our neighbors didn't seem to mind the ruckus.


We did a whole lot of this while we were gone.


Some people like their marshmallows more toasted than others.


A good bit of boating occurred,


and of course a fair amount of fishing.

Now, we are back in the land of laundry and long division, and so thankful for a restful week.