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Avoiding the Flu


I asked on my Smockity Frocks Facebook fan page [2] how everyone is avoiding the flu and have gotten a few different responses.

Generally, I have not been a worrier about illness. I figure we'll pass around a virus or two every year and suffer through it the best we can.

I have never been a fan of the antibacterial gel that is so popular. I figure if you touch a door knob that has some microscopic unsavory element on it, and then use the gel, you're just rubbing the poop around all over your hands!

We have never taken the flu shot and I also abstain from the new pneumonia vaccine that pediatricians recommend. I have always considered the possibility of contracting those illnesses remote and not life threatening even if we do get them.

Then, last week it was reported that a healthy 14 year old girl, the same age as our MaddieLynn, died from the flu very near our home. She stayed home from school on Thursday and died on Sunday.

Her parents did all the right things, took her to the doctor, called the doctor when her fever rose, took her to the hospital, but it wasn't enough.

That got my attention! Especially because it was reported that she had no underlying conditions.

I'm not rushing out to get the flu vaccine just yet, but here are a few of the things we are doing to try to avoid the flu.

  1. Lots of hand washing.
  2. Using antibacterial gel, especially after going to public places.
  3. No water fountains.

    [3] I found these nifty stainless steel water bottles on clearance, and I put each child's initial on one. We are taking these whenever we go out so no one needs to drink from a water fountain.

  4. Avoiding sick people. MaddieLynn saw through her Facebook account that 5 of our friends from church had either the flu or strep throat. My husband and I discussed it and decided to stay home from church until the sickness passes through.
  5. Eating foods [4] and taking vitamins that boost immunity [5]. We are taking vitamin C every day, eating fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, oatmeal, and garlic. I make this ultra delicious baked oatmeal recipe [6], and as soon as I get my hands on some flax seed oil, I'll use that for the 1 cup of oil.
  6. Prayer!

What are you doing to avoid the flu?