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Celebrate Fall!


We don't celebrate Halloween, but since my kids were noticing lots of parties going on for people who do, I decided to have a Celebrate Fall party [2].

We invited a few friends and planned to have it at the park. The weather couldn't have been more perfect!


We started out by singing "This is the Day the Lord has Made" as we walked around a mat with some paper bags at the perimeter.


When the singing stopped, everyone got to look in the bag in front of them and found markers, glitter, a tiny pumpkin, and fall stickers.

We talked about ways God blesses us with special gifts that only come in the fall: cooler weather, beautiful leaves, pumpkins, pecans, etc.

Then, everyone decorated the bags with God's fall blessings.


We had sack races with the younger set.

And sack races with the older set.


We had three legged races,


a candy hunt, 



All in all, it was a perfect day and a perfect way to celebrate fall!