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Smockity Demographics


Thanks to all of you who responded to my demographics survey!  Here is the breakdown of Smockity readers.

It appears most of you are in your 30's, but the 40's also made a good showing.


It turns out that only one reader is male, and my survey results show that he is a hunky golf pro in his 40's with 6 or more children.  (Okay, the results didn't show the hunky golf pro part, but I have a hunch about it.)  Huh.  I guess that means men who are not married to me don't care to read posts about poop [3] and breastfeeding in public [4] and struggling to fit into a too small girdle [5].  *shrugs*


The majority of you are married.


Most of you have children, with 3-5 children being the most prominent family size.


Stay at home moms are the majority, though it appears that quite a few of you read from work.  (Hi, again, Honey!)


A large majority have attended college for some period of time, with almost a quarter of you being smarty pants who have graduate degrees.  (How's my spelling, by the way? Email me...)


So, there you have it.  That's what you people look like on paper screen.  Thanks again for taking the survey, and most of all thanks for sticking around here reading my crazy stories.

And speaking of crazy, you'll definitely want to show up tomorrow for a riveting video I forced persuaded MaddieLynn to take showing diaper changing tips from a certain diaper changing expert of almost 15 years.

Riveting, I tell you.